Who can send and receive E-Mail?

E-Mail can be used by Silver and Gold Members unlimited, Free Members can only read incoming letters.

What is E-Mail?

E-Mail is electronic text messages which members of a site can exchange. E-Mail service on our site has nothing general with the E-Mail-servers working in the Internet It is internal. It means that message which you have written or which have being written to you can only cycle between members of our site.
Attention! Entered by you at registration address of e-mail has nothing general with our service E-Mail.

How to send E-Mail?

It is possible to send E-Mail from a profile of a member of a site or from the result of search. Also it can be made from page of our site by clicking in the menu on the link "E-Mail".

How to learn about received E-Mail and how to read them?

Such information contains at E-Mail Page. It is possible to get on this page with the help of clique in the main menu under the link "E-Mail" or clique on corresponding link at Home Page. For viewing the income letters it is necessary to click on a topic of the message.

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